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I got charged on my credit card but no orders are showing on FIVERR

Hi there,

I have tried to pay for a gig with my card and it got rejected twice by FIVERR saying the payment didn’t go through and that I need to contact my bank. I have actually been charged on both of my credit cards, and I have no orders showing up on my FIVERR account. Is anyone else having this issue? I need this gig to get started urgently and now I am stuck having paid and been charged twice and no order went through.

Any help or advice would be appreciated!

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Contact customer support

I have, no news yet :frowning:

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Then submit another request or wait for around 7-8 days

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Have patience. Hopefully you will receive update within next 24 hours.

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Thanks all, I’ll keep trying to reach them! :slight_smile:

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