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I got cheated by a seller

Hi I got cheated by a seller today. I ordered a gig promising 1000 words article for $5. But he cheated me by delivering a corrupted file. I tried all the word processors but the file is damn corrupt. I contacted him but he is not responding. So I raised a dispute. I’m new to Fiverr and I doesn’t know the dispute procedure. I have a big doubt about dispute. If that seller sends me the corrupted file again then what should I do? Please help me.

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If you can’t get it resolved then contact customer service.


Please remove the seller’s name from your post - it’s against the forum rules.


I’m sorry I was not aware of the rules. Yes removed his name. Thanks.


Thank you! :sunny:

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Okay sure. Thank you so much for your support.

Before jumping to such drastic conclusions as to being cheated, think about this for a minute:

  • what if the seller gave you the proper files and your download got corrupted instead? What if it’s not the seller’s fault at all? :slight_smile: This happened to me plenty of times, and could even be a problem with your antivirus that might block downloading the full file…

  • it’s still Sunday, and many sellers won’t always be active today - your seller might have delivered today to be on time, then he most likely went back to enjoy their Sunday with their family

If your seller won’t reply back within 24 hours, then you can contact CS to ask them for further help. Try to allow sellers time to reply, not everyone has the same timezone and some might be sleeping - I have the tendency to deliver and go to sleep :wink:

In the meantime, try downloading the file from another computer, retry downloading from your computer… try disabling your antivirus while you download the file, then re-enable your antivirus Before opening that file.


No sir actually I have tried it in all possible ways. The file is corrupted. Actually I ordered this gig in hurry without checking the seller’s credibility. I have seen the same in the negative reviews. 4 people have experienced the same issue with the seller. So I thought it in this way. Thank you so much for your concern sir. :slight_smile:

Well then, let’s just assume your seller has a computer problem that corrupts the files (I’ve had a bad hard disk once, I didn’t know it until my files started becoming corrupted).

What if it’s the same problem? Just try not to jump to conclusions while there is still a chance to solve the problem.

So, ask them to resend the files, and ask them to upload the files to Google Drive or Dropbox as well and send you the link (these allow you to view the file online besides downloading it).


Okay sure sir :slight_smile:

What @Woofy31 said, plus, your seller has been on Fiverr for several years, has an excellent reputation, and I’m sure has better things to do than rip you off for a few $$.

I’m sure a quick conversation with the seller will sort this out - good luck! :grinning:

Added - please check your gig image - I’m not sure that Fiverr would like you adding a URL to it.