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I got contacted by a blocked buyer

Hello guys. Couple of days ago I blocked a buyer that left a 3.7 “Amazing job, this is perfect” review. Now, this buyer knows that I don’t do commissions outside of Fiverr but he follows my personal Instagram somehow and he messaged me just now with the question “Can I ask you something?” and I think that he will ask me on why did I block him. Now, I know I have the right to block buyers that I had previous negative work experience with, but I’m a bit scared that he may try to pull something off. Can I just tell him that I blocked him because of his bad review? I’m scared that he will go to CS and ask them to change it and I for sure don’t want to get penalized and I sure as hell don’t want to work with him anymore. What would you do in my situation?

Hello, i would block him again and never answer.
As long as you did not contact him outside fiverr from here then he can’t do anything at all. If he contact CS for whatever reason, they will check your inbox with him and it’s all clear. Don’t worry about it and very sorry for what you go through, those situations are stressful sometimes.

Replying to the message is Totally your Personal choice as it is your Personal social media account.

You are not bound to answer.

If I was you I will not answer.