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I got demoted for asking a buyer if I could improve the gig!

hello there, I always receive 5 starts review, last week I got a 4 stars review so I asked the buyer if he was not 100% satisfied I would be happy to improve the gig or anything he wanted. He said he was 100% happy with it and he told me he was willing to change the review to 5 stars, he said he tried but could not do it. I wasn’t too bothered by it so I let it go. This morning I get an email from fiverr support saying my account has been demoted to level 1 for feedback manipulation!!! this is simply outrageou, I have never ever asked this buyer to change the feedback, I asked if I could improve the gig because he wasn’t 100% happy, HE offered to change the feedback, I did not ask for it!!! I ask a buyer if I can improve the gig and I get demoted? well if this is the new system I will not care anymore about the satisfaction of my buyers if by doing so I get demoted


These are what may have been viewed as “feedback manipulation” on your part. You offered to improve the delivered work because he left a 4-star review.

Please keep in mind too, a 4-star review is NOT a bad review. Buyers are not required to always leave 5-star reviews merely because you want them to. They are encouraged to leave any review that they feel reflects their interaction with you – even if that might be a 4-star… even a 2-star review.

You are required to accept whatever review a buyer chooses to give you.


This issue has already been discussed quite a bit on the forum. It helps to check the forum every once in a while. If you were aware of this issue, you probably wouldn’t have asked your buyer about the review in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not supporting Fiverr’s currently existing system. Not by a long shot! However, the only thing we can do is to adjust to this ridiculous system (provided you want to continue working on Fiverr).

Fiverr has made it impossible to change reviews. Even so much as your buyer asking Fiverr’s customer service about it can affect your account negatively (ToS warning).

Therefore, I’d just accept whatever review I’ve received; it doesn’t matter even if the buyer says they want to change the review or if I think the review’s a mistake/unfair. I’d still move on. Mum’s the word. :speak_no_evil:

Even though you did nothing to deserve the bad review, it is better to just let it go (cuz you can, at least, explain your side of the story while replying to the buyer’s blind review) rather than receive a ToS warning, a demotion, or account suspension. :slight_smile:

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yes I will definitely continue selling because regardless of this, 99,9% of the times I get 5 stars reviews anyway, for me getting less than 5 stars is extremely rare, in the worse case my 100% positive rating will drop to 99% but it’s ok. It’s just ridiculous that you can deliver the perfect job, maybe even much more than the buyer ordered, and any buyer can simply give a bad reviews for no reason and it’s totally ok. Very unfair, but ok if that’s the new rule I will adapt

Once you get a review you cannot mention it or mention anything about improving anything to the buyer. You have to act like it does not exist.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not worth worrying about if you get less than five stars.


Well said. That is a great advice to the newbs.