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I Got Demoted Today - Scared About My Business 😔

For the second time in a long while, I’ve been demoted from Level 1 to No Level because of my Response Rating and I’m scared how this will affect my gigs. I had been receiving spam and solicited messages recently and simply declining the offer leads to harassment before blocking the buyer. This month I decided to report two spam messages before replying and noticed my response rate dropped. I didn’t stress over it believing it wouldn’t play a huge role in my next evaluation, and I raised it back up to 82%. Clearly, I was wrong.

The last time this happened was because of a bad review around the time the new rating system was implanted. It hit me hard. Took me nearly a year to earn back the level after suspending gigs that hadn’t profited much and prioritize the ones that did. I’m thinking about reimplementing new gigs to help comeback this quickly. Had anyone else experience this and observed a steep drop in your overall stats?


Like a month ago I made several changes in my gigs. I had two gigs on the first page of two different categories. When I made the changes one of my gigs get the pending status and it was in pending for 3 weeks :frowning: and the rest of my gigs were deeply affected, I handled red numbers for 1 month. Just last week my gig was active again. Yesterday I also lost my level, and I don’t get new clients. I don’t know how to get backflow of clients

Seriously, am I supposed to respond to everyone who hits me up and just types “hi.” ? I learned a long time ago if I reply with “hello,” or even “how can I help you,” the reply then is “you lookee for date?”

And that’s when you mark the message as spam and block the sender.

You only need to respond to the first message from a new person.


Create a template message to respond to those “Hi messages” Then you just need to click a button to respond to them. Still annoying, I know, but at least you can spare yourself the time of having to write personally to each one.

Then, as @catwriter explains, you can ignore their subsequent messages because these don’t affect your rating. I would even block the person, myself. It sure does make life easier.

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what is the reason for the “pending status”?

Well, they said that all changes on gigs going to editorial system.
They check the name of the images, if you have links and some other things, that process takes 24 hours. If you check your gig after 24 hours and still in that status. notify immediately.

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You can report them as spam without it affecting your rating.

Just a word of caution here…

We had a buyer a couple of months back message us something like “plz send me sample to 0129_____” - we immediately reported the seller and blocked them.

A day later, our response rate took a hit. When we chased it up with CS, they confirmed it was because we hadn’t ‘responded’ to the buyer, and that simply reporting and blocking wasn’t always guaranteed to work. They advised that we write something/anything before reporting and blocking.

So now we write “no thank you”, then report, then block.


Thanks for the reminder. I have message templates here to make this easier and faster.

Sorry this happened to you. How unjust of Fiverr.

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