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I got disabled by spamming myself!?!?!?!?

Ok so you know when you go to your profile and hit the public view button, i was a new user so i hit it and it sent a message to myself and i was like oh something to do in my free time! then i just spammed myself and my account got disabled! I would message support but they wont do crap!


I don’t fully understand. I just went to my public profile and clicked contact and all it did was take me to my inbox messages.

Even if you could message yourself, why would you decide to do so? Only reason I could think of, is to reply to yourself and raise your stats. If that’s the case then I guess getting your account disabled is deserved.


How can you raise your stats from messaging???

If your response rate is low, you message yourself and reply in less than 1 hour.

But like I said before, I don’t see how that’s possible cuz I can’t message myself so I don’t know how you did.

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you go to your profile hit public view, hit get a quote, and fill it out and it will send a message to yourself

What was your reason behind doing this?

I god bored of not getting any orders so i just did that as if i had someone to talk to


You have to protect your business and find ways to make it grow, not risk it by being bored and foolish. Sorry this happened to you, hope it works out in the end and it becomes a learning experience for you.


Thanks yeah probably shouldnt try things that i know are going to turn out bad

Wow. I never knew I could message myself… Sorry

Making silly mistakes is part of growing up.

You didn’t have an established business so nothing was truly lost.

You are young and still have a long way to go.

Learn from this mistake.


I don’t think Fiverr needs to disable accounts for that. Maybe they could just make it not affect stats (like response time/response rate) if it would have. Or maybe just give a message saying “You cannot ask for a quote from yourself”. eg. Fiverr doesn’t really provide a way to see how things look properly from the buyer’s side. eg. things like previewing the requirements page etc. So if someone like the OP was just checking how the quote thing worked/looked from the buyer’s side it shouldn’t get the account in trouble I think.


I agree it sounds excessive.

Fiverr should disable that button when a seller looks at their profile through the “public” function.

But on the other hand, I haven’t seen anyone on this platform all these years actually trying to use that button on themselves.

Maybe whoever restricted OP’s account thought that this individual was trying to game the system.

Or they thought that the OP is just horsing around.


This is a good warning for me. Sometimes when I am in a hurry and I am talking with customer in Inbox I do not want to make mistake in pricing so it is easier for me to go on my GIG and select CONTINUE to see all the extras and pricing for each and then type it in inbox then go on GIG-EDIT-packages to view the prices, plus not all text is visible in editing, I have to scroll, while in order page I get to see all nicely.

I never actually make order, I just click continue and look at the extras. But next day I get message from Fiverr that I forgot something Your Order is Waiting Looks like you didn’t complete your order.

That’s a mistake just waiting to happen.

Not the “messaging yourself” part but the “having the gig in edit mode”.

I used to do that too, then decided to make a pdf catalog so I can quickly browse my pricing and deliveries. :slight_smile:


I’ve just sent a Support request, hope all goes good for my stupidity

I mean the worst that could happen is that they deactivate my alt account, but that would be unreasonable as I haven’t ruined a buyers/sellers experience

You mention ‘alt account’, and in your message to CS, you’ve said “Main Account was disabled”…

Does that mean you have more than one account?

by alt account I meant an account i just made to send a support ticket

You could have sent them an email instead. By creating another account you’ve violated the ToS and reduced your chances of being permitted to use Fiverr again.

I did this too. I just want to check how actually a buyer see my extras. The next day Fiverr emailed me said that I forgot something, lol.