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I got fast orders

good day sellers i got my 2 sales on a new gig i used common keywords in the description and title you can see my gig here… i have earned a lot in june you can ask me tips or visit my gigs to get the tips for getting fast orders thankyou


Hey I am new seller …its been 2 days I have posted my gig…I have used keywords of most trending gigs…what should be my next step? I haven’t received any order in 2 days?
If you can guide…it means a lot.


first of all you should understand the categories of a gig if there are categories more than 300 you should not make the gig there instead search for new categories like furniture logo, child care or clinical…in these categories you will surely get order in no time…also keep your description simplest


you can see my gig to get tips

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Hey! that’s really nice tip…and your gig too looks very good…by the way, how you find these new niche topics…?

hey, can I ask you something?

I’m new here and I already post my gig 3 days ago, but my gigs still not visible on search buyer
when I check, the status is “active”

is it normal thing or what?

thank you

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use google to find business ideas think like a business man who is going launch a small business and then you will find the needs of a logo for a particular business

Okay…Thanks Alot for your help…

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that s not normal try new gig ideas…i recommend dont make a gig where there is already high competition…go for new topics otherwise your gig will never appear on front


Thank you, I will follow your suggestion :slight_smile:

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welcome i am always here to help you…you can look at my gigs to get tips

Thanks it’s helpful.


hello Can you please give me some tips to improve my gig & get some work?

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what is your niche? tell me your gig category i will help you

Are you professional logo designer? what software you use? @karylon

I am a professional web developer. Please check my gigs & give me some advice to get orders

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i dont say that i am professional but i have a huge research on logo design gigs in fiverr thats why i am getting orders

Do you use adobe photoshop,illustrator etc?

yes i use these two software…but you should be skillfull to satisify buyers

yes definitely…i agree

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