I Got First sale & completed Too


Hello Friends…
I joined in fiverr.com before 2 days only…
This order I grab from buyer request…
I got a First sale completed with 5 review…
I am really feel happy…
Because some days i dont know why my fiverr gig is not work well…
Suddenly My gig status changed to BEST SELLER…
how to improve my gig to getting more sales order from buyers ??
What is a next step now ??
I think…its luck for me Hmm…

Suresh P


2 Days and a order…Well done…


Really nice job! You are killing it!


Congratulations! :tada: :tada:


Thank you Mate…
Any suggestions to improve getting orders from buyers…??
Is it take quite long time ah ??


THank you Frnd… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Thank you Avextor :slight_smile:


Great that you have completed orders.

The gig that you sell the most is your best selling gig, that is why it is showing.

Share your gig in different social media, that will increase the impressions, clicks. You will get more relevant buyer requests


WOW! Best seller status within 2 days of joining Fiverr? Excellent! Keep up the awesome work!


Fiverr automatically gives your best selling gig a ‘best seller’ badge, so as you’ve sold one of that give, and none yet of your others, it’ll automatically be your best seller.

Well done on a great start. :sunny:


Oh yeah. I wasn’t sure if the OP was referring to that (which the OP probably was).

But I noticed that when I open up an incognito session and go to the category to which my gig belongs and look at the gigs displayed under the “best selling” sub-category, it shows my gig on the first or second page. And, I was like… what a joke! (I am a new seller and by no means am I a best seller LOL) :rofl:

For some reason, I thought something similar had happened to the OP too :wink:


no porblam … just free


Congratulation bro
2 days… and get a first order… your so lucky.
keep doing buyer request and spend your free time here on forum.


Thanks Friend…But I dont know how long i get second order


okey my friend… :slight_smile: Yes …NO problem :slight_smile:


Thank you Friend…I am really feel happy…this is my first money …


Thank you friend…
Can you give any good advice to improve my gig ??
what is my next level now ??


Thanks for the information Frnd :smiley:


I am a relatively new seller too… so I can only give some generic tips…

Be on the lookout for BRs (like you did to get your first order) and also if you want to, you could read articles in the help and education center or on the forum.

Here’s a forum article that was created specifically to help new sellers like you and me. It helped me immensely! You can have a look if you want to-


Congratulations! You are on your way. Buyer Requests is working for you so keep doing that.

Also check : https://forum.fiverr.com/c/Fiverr-Tips/tips-for-sellers for how to get more orders.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face: