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I got first sale of my gig after 10 days of joinng

I have sale out my first gig just after 10 days of joining fiverr. I cant express the feelings and happiness of the first victory :slight_smile:
Yes I post this after few days of my first order and I have been completed project too .

great how did you do it

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@hohozozo I did nothing, customer did direct contact to me via message. I am sure he find my gig in the search.

@shakeelt congratulations, I’m also new here, 5 days and still no order, perhaps the domain I choose is competitive

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what were you doing when you’ve benn waiting for first order

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@taab84, It will take time and you will get your first order. Amazingly I did not get any order from buyer request

@hohozozo just reading the forum and reading gigs of seniors

@shakeelt most of people in buyers request give ridiculous offers, i remember some asking people to build their website for 5 or 10 $

Most of the replies just like bot. The do copy paste and even I saw many freelance giving totally irrelevant replies.

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I only reply when i see good offer and take time to read the request, if I see anything suspicious, i pass

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