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I got First warning from fiverr. What should I do..?

I am New in Fiver. After successfully publishing 4 gigs I tried for the 5th one. But some reason fiverr gives the First warning. what should I do now? Should I delete the account and reopen a new one? but my previous Gigs are getting impressions till now.


what was the warning for ?

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They Said the gig service was unprofessional. But in that category already 200+ gigs published. even the other gigs break some terms. but i followed the rule.

It’s just a first warning. Don’t delete your account bcz of that. Just refrain from doing what you did before. Keep working on the same account.


No don’t delete your account It’s just a first warning… there are lots of seller who receive warnings…

How badly it will effet my gigs…?

Don’t even try to do anything that will led to to another warning anymore.

Know what you have been given a warning on and avoid doing it in the next time.

Good luck.


It doesn’t effect your gig bro… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you very much for your kind advice

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Okay thank you very much for your kind advice

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will it hamper my ranking? or any future gigs?

Nothing will happen to your ranking as long as you follow the rules. You can continue to work but don’t do anything again that leads to blocking you from Fiverr.


Don’t delete your account just for a warning. I accidentally infringed the TOS a few days ago and I was so bummed out by it thinking that it would affect my rankings, impressions and sales as a Level 2 seller.

In reality it didn’t do anything, in fact, impressions and sales are up since them (most likely a coincidence). Just take the warning as that, a warning. Improve your gigs, build your reputation and try your best.

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Thank you, you just give the perfect advice i am looking for. Thank you very much

Thank you very much, you give me a hope… thank you and best wishes…

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I think it does have an effect to one’s profile because fiverr stated that a user should avoid warning over the course of 30 days. And because of that a seller can not be promoted to a next level because of that sarnie LG warning.

Yes effect on profile but not on gigs… :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, it doesn’t affect ones gig maybe but it’s never a good idea to get a warning.

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Don’t delete your account. But make sure you don’t break the rules again.

Read these articles:


bro don’t delete your account. It’s a warning. You should get contact to fiverr support and try to know everything about fiverr roles.
and Go ahead.

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