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I got flagged as spam

I created my fiverr account a few days back. I was planning to create a pro gig. I didn’t know what to do. So I searched the internet and read the fiverr blog post about the requirements. I started searching for pro gig people in fiverr. I saw a fellow. I went through his profile. He creates websites using HTML and CSS. I checked the links of the websites that he created. I messaged him to ask whether he created the website using WordPress. He said yes. After that I asked him how he got into pro as I was also trying for that. His response was very cold. He was like he didn’t want any other competitors in the field as I also do the same HTML, CSS thing. Of course the msg that I send to him was not about me giving him an offer. And I am not aware of the fiverr’s policies regarding that. Today I got a msg from fiverr regarding that you have got flagged as spam. Just need to say something to you people in fiverr. Kindness and warmthness should not only be reserved for your customers. I felt so. I don’t know whether I am right or not. Just blogging. Thanks for reading. Bless you.


I don’t blame him for choosing not to share specifics with a competitor. Would you want to give away your secrets to another seller who might use those secrets to steal your customers? Probably not.


I wasn’t asking for the specifics. I just wanted to know how to get into fiverr pro. A person who is already a fiverr pro can tell me more than just reading the fiverr blog post.

If you aren’t contacting a seller for potential business then it is indeed spam. Sorry it happened to you, but I imagine you aren’t the first person who contacted him in the same fashion. If you have a particular question for a specific level of seller, then you should head to the forum and ask your question here. Good luck.


Yes. I should have done that. I was not aware of this forum at that time. Thanks anyways

Unfortunately it’s not about kindness and warm ness towards each other. It’s simply if you followed the rules that you signed or not. And in this case you didn’t.

I’m not sure how you expect to be selected to be a pro seller if you didn’t even read the rules that you signed.

All you need to know about fiverr pro is already protegen in fiverr help page and there is no need asking their competitors on how they got it.

You spammed, you didn’t follow fiverr rules, you got a warning. Simple as that.


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Here’s more info about pro:

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Of course he is cold!

Why would a seller tell his competitor information that would help his competitor get sales?

And why would you message a seller to ask for advice? That’s harassment. The message system is for order inquiries only. Don’t use it to harass sellers for advice.

Sellers don’t owe you help. It’s incredibly entitled to think that you can waste their time and then expect a cordial, helpful response. Honestly…

You harassed him and now you’re mad that he didn’t appreciate it and wasn’t warm and kind to you… No one owes kindness after you harass them, especially when the purpose of your harassment is to get his business insights so you can compete against him.

You got flagged as spam because you spammed.