I got frustrated with this website fiverr.com


I have been trying on this website since last 1 year but no order is coming. Now I wondered if I would leave it
what is your openion


Improve you description of profile and gig’s

  • share you gigs on social site
  • put some best tags in your gigs
  • get online 17+ hours a day
  • use forum and commenting
  • request some unique word to client during buyer request, Impress it from himself
  • spend 10 offer a day if the job is compatible for you.
  • all the mention staff use regularly

never give Up I’m expecting form you that you will RISE one day!

Cheer you!


Promote your business, use right tags so your gigs appear in search result.
Promote your art on your social network that people knows your skills and if they want your service they will order you.


thanks brother but i have try all method


thanks zaiba i’ll try your sugetion


develop skill for new category.


thanks farhan i’ll try your idea


Don’t lose hope. If you are not successful here then try to change all thing that many of you mention above. And try to active on Fiverr form as much as you can.


Being active here on the forum will not make your gigs more successful or bring you more sales. This is just a forum where buyers and seller interact, nothing more.


You should optimize your profile, use high quality images for your gigs and make use of relevant tags. Hopefully you will start making sales.


But my dear If you active on this form. then you can get multiple solution and also right information about anything and it’s of course, it’s a good platform for share your problem and you will get your solution instant.


The forum is indeed a great place to get TONS of information, but being “active” here is not really going to help. I believe you need to read through everything first, apply those info to your gigs, THEN come back and maybe ask for more ideas/opinions, and if you feel like it,
chat with others and get to know each other. :slight_smile:
This place isn’t where you get your problems solved instantly I’m afraid.


I am not “your dear”.


Ok. I am Sorry. I didn’t understand you get me wrong.


He never said that you can make sale here on forum. You just made it up in your own imagination and replied to your imagination.

it just you, being you

What you apologising for??
Stay on forum and apply what you learn them in your gig keep working hard regularly check buyer request and hope for the best.
wish you luck.


thanks yes i will try again


Very good and effective advice.


I was in the market since 2017, it has been the last 6 months that I have earned 500+ USD, within a short time, I don’t spend much time on the market. People make $1000+ money here, don’t bother. If you know how to succeed, go and achieve it. If you feel hopeless. Do something else.

Choice is yours, but there is still chances that you are going to make fortune.

Best of luck.


I try to keep my gig online .For this reason, auto refresh is good or bad?


If you are online within fiverr you will be seem in active gigs but Auto refresh for The Buyer Request is something like good but Some time it’s make patient Don’t do this I’m giving you suggestion. If you are full time here then Try to spend much time with learning as well as looking Buyer request. Once you got some Order with high rated then You will Rise Smoothly

Be patience!

Cheer you!