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I got just 15 orders nearly 2 years . Unsuccessfull freelancer

I got just 15 orders nearly 2 years . Unsuccessfull freelancer


How much time you spend?

i am trying to stay online 24 hours

It’s really not a big deal. May I ask what your service was?

Did you try buyer request?

logo design , vector trace, business card design

yes i try buyer request also

A lot of your gigs are about logo making and I suggest you keep only one logo making gig because if you have a lot of gigs on the same topic, Fiverr considers at as spam and doesn’t keep it at the front. Also, I saw a lot of your content and the good thing about your content was cheap price, but on the other hand, your thumbnails for your gig looked as if they were copied from somewhere else (not saying they where).

all gig image my own create logo

Yes, I know, but please keep only 1 gig and name at, “I will create a logo” or you can add something at the end, but try and keep only 1 gig for logo making. That should help you with Fiverr’s algorithm.

now i delete other logo design gig?

Oh! It’s very sad history

stay positive ,try more promotion

Yes, delete the ones which have 0 reviews.

can i keep 2-3 logo design gig??

Don’t get disappointed. Actually the graphics design market is quite saturated at this moment. Try to promote your gigs. Hopefully you will get more orders.

Thank you for you good advice

You have been trying to be a freelancer for 2 years and you don’t get any jobs?

Have you ever thought that freelancing is not for you?

Not everybody can do everything. That’s just as well. Maybe you look for something else. In an office or on a construction site.

Yes, you can keep as many as you like! It was just a advice I gave that you could remove some! Also, since you’re good at Logo Designing, I assume you draw the logos, so you can make other drawing related gigs as well! If you use some software, I’m sure you can find some other use for that software too!

thank you for your advice… also one question… can i edit my gig? is this any problem? i saw many people edit there gig also they many order… but some people said if edit gig… then gig rank is down…