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I Got Level 2 and Thanks my all fiverr friends


thats the profile image stolen from Google.

here is the link

scroll down to see the image



why are you using mehjabin chowdhury image? She is an Actress from Bangladesh. You are ding your own services offering here, so please use your own profile images and your own work on your portfolio please.


… it’s getting full of those lately…


Level 2 will not do anything. This is satisfaction to sellers. You will not know when your sales drop even having level 2. As of me my sales totally down.


Congratulations!! You deserve this. With so many skills you are soon going to rise to the top. Best of luck for the future! :slight_smile:




ok Thanks for advice me… i am new so i haven’t idea… but thanks:slight_smile:



i have use my portfolio… :slight_smile:


thats the image you have used on your gig image


ok Thanks for check out my mistake… i care full and change… Thanks


Be genuine and work hard and use your own art work on your profile and gig images.


yes sir i will use… and once again Thanks for advice… because i haven’t idea…


Carry on! The forum needs some policemen like you. :smile:
I loved the way you keep trying to improve the health of this community. :wink:


ok:smile: i will try…



Hi brother, i am not a police man. many sellers are doing fake images for their work and showing to buyers as gig images. this is hurting the really hard working sellers here. we all are competing with each other i am expecting a healthy competition like all genuine sellers competing and giving best work to buyers.

this way fiverr will be at it’s best and differ from all other businesses and other freelance sites.


You’re doin’ a great job! Keep it up! :smiley:



Brother please check this KEEP THE FIVERR SITE CLEAN and TRUST WORTHY for the BUYERS


But where is the party?


Congratulation and best wishes for your bright future…