I got level 2 ! Great!


Today I´m very happy. I got level 2 in almost 3 months that I
started selling my services as a music composer in Fiverr !
It feels great !!!

Now the difference betwen level 1, and level 2, i guess is
that a lot of clients search for level 2 seller where they need a service ?
Best wishes.





I’m happy for you, looking forward to mine


Congratulations! … .


Congratulations! Keep up the good work!


Congratulations Miquel.
You can find more information about the different levels here:


Thank you thecreativeguys.


Thanks maxxpaul. I´m sure you´ll be there soon !


Thank you mdjonysr !


Thank you minahmmas !


Thank you so much annai80 !!! I really apreciate your kindness !


I also have reached to Level 1, and nice reviews. I am a digital marketing expert.



Congrats! miquelinet1, keep going on your great services to help our customers, you will get higher level than that :slight_smile:




@miquelinet1 congratulations wish you good luck :slight_smile:


Congratulations man. Will be joining you soon. 6 More sales to claim level 2.
Congratulations again.


Congratulations! I got level one 3 days ago. It was a a great feeling. Best wishes for your future. :gift:


Ohhh this is very nice digitalguru16 ! Ans soo you´ll get to level 2 !
Thank you very much !


Thank you so much dinhphc2387 !
Thank you for your advice, and thanks for cheering me up.
This is very kind of you !