I got level 2 yesterday but i have doubt?


I am now level 2 seller now i have doubt in level 2 benifts i add that 2 features didn’t understand so anyone please explain what is that?

1.eligibility to be featured at promotional listings
2.eligibility for customer success program


It means whenever Fiverr do their own promotions such as Google Ads, Youtube, Facebook etc. Your gigs will be featured. It does not help much but still something is better than nothing and there is no way possible for you to know where you gigs were listed.

It is a group here on Forums. It is suppose to be that they will assign a manager to you who will help you grow your business. But I myself is a Lvl2 Seller and I havent got mine. I contacted them and they said that they manually select the sellers who deserve to have a manager. So Dont hold your breath there.

The only ACTUAL BENEFIT of being a Lvl 2 Seller is that you gigs will show on top in searches. And will make a good impact on potential buyers.


Thank you very much @umerkhawer