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I got many orders till level 2 after that i have to survive

what will be the algorithm work in fiverr any one knows about that strategy and or steps to find buyer after second level


Send buyer request, add video to your gigs, add sample and more images to your wordpress website gig.


i added video but some times it is not affected anything

Decrease your price, change your tags, do changes in your gigs until you start getting orders.

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Here is my best advice:

  1. Stay patient - after you make a change or modification to your gig, give yourself time to observe the impact.
  2. Continue providing excellent service - by doing so, you can encourage repeat buyers - the most dependable way to succeed on Fiverr.
  3. Consider using Scale My Business by Fiverr - this is a built in tool where you can send your gig to prospective buyers who may not exist on the platform.

I hope this helps :smile:

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