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I got my 1st car..Thanks to fiverr... :) :) :)

I’m working on fiverr since 2012.I bought my 1st car thanks to fiverr… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Best place to achieve your goals…


Wow!! Nice car!! You’re really cool! Congratulation :smiley:

I hope you always succeed for next!!

Inspirational work and good looking car.

God Bless.

Congrats !!!

Nice Car,it look awesome :slight_smile:

Congrats for Big Achievement in Fiverr !! All The best !!

Congrats!!! wish you all the best.

Wow, amazing!

Congrats! Definitely a nice accomplishment!

Congratulations! It looks like a beautiful one too!

Dude! That’s Awesome!! Is it a Prius? My friend got his first bike

A Toyota aqua? I don’t think we have those in the USA.

Congrats!! Amazing work!

Wow that’s amazing. Congrats, I hope to achieve something like you someday.

Congrats to you bro. Greater heights awaits all of us.

mniluka first of all congratulation , M happy for you , but i need guidance from you , please contact me by my skype id - arora53mahi



wow! that’s a great news!! Congratulation for your new car!!

I would have set my Fiverr username as my licence plate, haha.

wow nice car machan keep it up…

What a beaut! Congrats!