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I got my 1st order then i encountered a problem

Hello Fiverr forum community
I got the first order for this gig, then my impressions & clicks going down…So Please can you took a look on my gig and tell me your opinion about it if something missing or some modifications.

Gig Link :


I think you should remove “Hi, sir the buyer” from start of your gig. It’s not appropriate.
In my opinion, “Why choose the high package” section is not necessary. It will make the buyer think that you will not give your best on basic and standard package.
Also, you just wrote about the 3 packages in the description. Maybe you can add some more details about the gig

This topic will help you to improve your gig


Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Having Sir in the description is pretty sexist and can turn away a ton of female buyers.

You should definitely include some keywords in the descriptions as this will increase the SEO of the gig and therefore will bring more traffic to the gig.

Wish you best of luck!


Thank you so much :slight_smile: