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I got my 2nd order recently but

I got my 2nd order recently but the pictures of the project don’t show on my gig live portfolio. Can you give me an idea, how I can solve it suggestions, please?

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Raaz Khan

Buyer decides if the pictures will show in your live portfolio or not. In this case, your buyer probably didn’t want those pictures to be shown in your live portfolio, and it is their right to make that decision.


don’t worry visit supports center.

Okay i guess so , but its happen with the both order , so i am tense about this .

You can contact with fiverr support

Okay. I will @bdrasel1 what should my next move for more orders, can you give me a tips

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If you selected LIVE PORTFOLIO , the buyer will have the option to display or remove your delivered work.

The above is from here:

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If your live portfolio was turned on in both cases, it was your buyers’ decision to keep the work private.

I’m not sure how contacting CS would help, other than to ask them if there’s some kind of bug in your account. They can’t force buyers to change their decision.