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I got my account disabled

Okay… this is really hard for me, of course i’m level one in fiverr… this is too much for me… because i use fiverr to work i don’t have work my mother has cancer and i need this to pay the bill… there is an order 3 days ago… i NEVER DO REVISIONS, NEVER IN MY LIFE… and… there is this girl who ask me a revision and i said NO… because this girl never told me before if i had time, just send the order like she were my boss or something then i said no… my profile says “number of revisions: 0” in all package and i refuse obviuslly and then she went to the Customer service and fiverr refunds her the money… and… then i got sdisabled because behavior… she gave me a review with 1 star… i have 35 revies with 5.00 start and fiverr told me “account disabled because you give the buyerr a bad review on purpose”… so… the girl takes my time, my work, my money and now my account…

i sent 1 email to Fiverr support i really need this to live… this is all i can do to help my mother in her cancer threatment… all people loves my work… ¿Do you think fiverr consider my email and disable my ban?


Your account (killopolo) is functioning fine, and has been since March 2018.

It has no reviews.

Did you have second account by any chance?


This is the second account, my main account was ViidaWorldstage and got disabled… any chance to get unbanned after apologize and beg for everything to fiverr support? next time ill never spoke after a bad review i understood buyerr > seller

I think your problem may have been having more than one account, rather than what you may have said in a review to be honest.


I have to agree with offlinehelpers. Since you already had two accounts in March, that was a major ToS violation. I have never heard of Fiverr banning someone over a review unless the seller or buyer wrote something with very abusive language. I have heard of many cases where they banned people for having two accounts. Either way, they won’t restore your account.


You are really confused i dont have 2 account, i had this because is linked to my facebook when i didn’t know how to create a fiverr account, i never use this account… my main account is the one… the buyerr just order and without contact before… she said “poor costumer serrvice” and stuff… i had 9 orders in queue ALL MY PROFILE SAYS “0 revisions” i don’t do revions and i was drawing a comic for someone… the girl got so angry that she feel i don’t care about what she wants… in fact i don’t care… with that rude languaje “YOU HAVE TO MAKE A REVISION I DON’T WANBT THIS DRAW” when i clearly specify all my client “I NEED YOU TO BE CLEAR I DONT DO REVISIONS, REVISIONS HAS A COST” and she rate me with 1.00 STAR… i never NEVER did nothing bad to her… i only gabve this review" The buyerr just order without contact with me… she talked to me like she were my boss and i was her slave or something… i specify in the chat that i never do corrections for free… and i was busy with 9 orders in queue" i told her that… nothing toxic…

i HAD ONLY ONE BAD REVIEW, HER REVIEW… all my 35 review were 5.00 stars EACH ONE… i don’t know why i got disabled just for this and i don’t care if i had to apologize I WILL DO… i don’t care the money is for my mom, and i have like 3800$ in my account… i don’t care the money… but i need the money… i really need the money… and fought since march to be someone in this APP… it was really really REALLY HARD to be a good seller… i sent an email to fiverr for beg… i don’t care what it takes… i need my account back is my only way to pay my mothers threathment.

I understand you totally. Unfortunately, by Fiverr rules it counts as two accounts if you have created a 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) account without deactivating the first one. That is a Terms of Service violation even if you never use the account. Both of your accounts were active at the same time. It’s possible that Fiverr discovered that when the buyer complained, or it might be something else.

If you wrote this in your response to the buyer review or you said this to the buyer in messages, this could also be the reason you were banned. Fiverr expects sellers to write professionally even if they are upset.

I’m sorry to hear about your situation. I don’t think Fiverr will re-enable your account. You could ask them for permission to start over with this account.

Edited to add:

You should be able to get the funds you earned. Ask Support for instructions. You may have to wait 90 days but if you are polite, professional and calm you can get through it. Just ask Support how long you need to wait and what they want you to do to get your money. You can ask them about reactivating your old account or starting up again with this account at the same time. Just be apologetic and polite and make sure that you are up front with them about everything.


after this? i will be buyerr’s slave… i need that account back i don’t care if i have to desactivate this acc, and it wasnt this account… fiverr sent me and email that the disable was for the review… and IM REALLY SORRY.

Please don’t keep using the word slave. It isn’t appropriate on the forum and it wasn’t appropriate in the Fiverr message system. If you keep using it, your thread will be closed.

No one on the forum can help you. Talk with Support.


it was exageration it wasnt serious… i mean next time… i wont answer to negative reviews just that… that’s all… i sent an email before :confused:

I understand that you aren’t serious, of course, it just isn’t a good word to use. I don’t think there is an issue with answering reviews, either, you just have to do so with professional wording. Anyway, good luck, only Support can answer the big questions.

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i know… it makes me angry because i was doing a comic for someone who was so interesting about social criticism and the goverment and corruption… and it was so nice… 10 pages left… and then this girl appears and makes my life a hell… and i don’t deserve this its the only bad review that i have… i hope you never get this like me :confused:

It has happened to me too, as far as bad reviews. It is always awful.

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No i don’t care the bad reviews… she literally gave me a bad review because she wanted her free revision and my profile doesnt give free revision, she gave me a 1 star and my rate just got down 4.9… still the best score ever… and i got this… i hope help center can help me i will do everything to recover my acc and have a good day… c:

Be polite. If the buyer left the review for that reason only, you should’ve contacted Fiverr CS for a feedback removal. And, I too also doubt it that they disabled your account for this reason only.


You said you had 35 reviews. That’s not many orders.

May I suggest something? Why don’t you post a campaign in GoFundMe, I’m sure many people will be glad to help you out, instead of relying on Fiverr and ranting about it. Medical emergencies get funded quickly. Like, very quickly!


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First of all. Sorry to hear about your mother.
I notice some points that you are missing here or maybe i am wrong.

There is no such thing as zero revisions. If you set this to 0 or 1 or even 2 buyer can still ask for revisions more than you set.

Revisions comes after delivery so there is no way she knows she wanted a revision and now she does that’s why she asked. (assuming that she was not one of the “bad experience” we all seller has)

By boss if you meant a person who is in charge or giving order then unfortunately for you that YES that’s what buyer does here. They are indeed giving order and yes they should be in charge of their work.

You mentioned “because of behavior or because of bad review that you gave to your buyer” I don’t think these are the reason cause you are allow to give review and that’s what it is for plus i don’t think it will be behavior cause one of my buyer call me names (we sorted out and we did multiple projects after that) what next happen is those strong language that he used was simply removed by fiverr and he got warning to not to use these language. I know this cause i asked him after i establish friendly environment that “what happened to that chat?” then he told me that it was removed by fiverr and they gave me warning not to use that language.

I’ll just pipe in here because this is incorrect and to spread it around for the buyers to read is not doing anyone any favors. There is such a thing as zero revisions. You as a seller set the terms of your own gig and choose the number of revision rounds (if any) you’re willing to provide. There are plenty of valid reasons to have a gig that offers no revisions and a lot of people do.

If it’s specified in the gig description that you don’t do revisions and your delivery is final then by purchasing services from you the buyer agrees to these terms.

The fact that the revisions button is still active and clickable regardless of how many revisions the gig has is a huge design flaw, misleading to both the buyer and the seller and people have been ranting about it for years to even go into this here.

If all the communication was done in a polite manner, I’d contact customer support with my gig description screenshot and the buyer’s demands. Even if the original poster here was emotional and confrontational in any way, however, I don’t think that was enough grounds to ban them completely. Must’ve been something else that came up when CS started to look into things.


Do you have room on your planet for one more?

In reality, this simply isn’t how Fiverr works. In some gig categories, Fiverr does not allow sellers to set a number of revisions. Also, even when gigs clearly state that no revisions are included, buyers can still request a revision as many times as they like by rejecting an order. In the event that a buyer refuses to pay extra to cover the cost (or a revision is not possible), responses from CS simply encourage sellers to resolve issues themselves. This means do a revision cancel, or wait for a buyer to have CS cancel an order.

If you have had a different experience, it would be fantastic if you could share. :slight_smile: