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I got My first 8 views


Idk if that important I’m just trying to find any thing even small that will motivate me to improve more , Wish me luck , I’m exciiited to hear your adviices :blush:


It sounds like there’d likely be copyright issues with the “download every song/album you want” gig, unless you are paying for every song and album you download then provide to the seller and you have the rights to do it. If not, I’d get rid of that gig (since it would likely get you in trouble/fined if you don’t have the right to do what you say in the gig).

For your other gig/any other ones you create, I’d use the buyer request section to send offers to relavent requests that your gigs match.


THsnk you . What you think if I change it like leading the buyer to the links that he will be able to download those songs or albums from it ,


Yes, that would be better and avoid the copyright issues ,assuming the links you provide are all legal ones (to legal downloads). I’m not sure how much demand there’d be for it but you could try it.


Okaay . I know z not an attracted Gig but it needs a try :blush: anyway thnks for ur help I ll fix it right now :smile:


good luck all the best


Thaank u for ur support