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I got my first buyer but the buyer said he will pay after finishing the job

he asked to see the game design and it was half completed and I asked him for first payment
but he said don’t worry you will get payed after the game has finished
should I complete the game or should I report to customers service


Has he placed the order?

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not yet he said he will pay after the order has finished

You must never start the work on an order before the buyer places an order.
Ask him to place the order first or send him a custom offer. After he accept it (which I highly doubt), then you can continue the work and always deliver the work on the order page. Never send the order in the Inbox.


I made a custom offer because it was buyers request and he didn’t place an order
do you have an advice on how to approach the buyer on that matter

You should explain him, that he HAVE to accept the order. When he accepts the order, you WILL NOT get this money, the money is frozen by the platform, and you can get it only after you finish the work and deliver.

If he will not zccept the order, just don’t do anything. And as @hazel_justin131 mentioned - never start to work before the buyer accepted the order. You came here for work, you came here to get income, not to work for free.

If he will not accept the order, don;t worry, you will get much more orders later, from better buyers


Fiverr doesn’t work that way , he needs to place an order , don’t work upfront


thx for the advice guys it was really helpful
you know first order and I got excited


Technically, its not your first order until the buyer accepts your custom order. This buyer sounds like they are trying to scam you or do not understand the rules. Either way both are dangerous so tread carefully.


Scammers know that new sellers are excited and sometimes “desparate” for the first order. That’s why they target new sellers. Don’t let them take advantage of you.

Ask the buyer to accept the order so you can continue with the work and remember always be polite!


And also do not forget if he shared an idea with you for the game and he doesn’t pay you at all the game is yours and you can sell it. It is your work. He gets ownership by paying upfront.


you are right actually