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I got my first logo design order- Just after 2 days

Hi fellow doers!

Just thought of thanking this amazing fiverr forum for their valuable thoughts to improve my gig! I tried really hard and did try majority of the tips found on the forum. From day one I was a frequent visitor to the forum.

I am so happy to let you guys know that I’ve only been active on fiverr for less than a week and it’s just the second day since I posted my first gig! I just landed my first sale today and got a five star rating and an amazing review!

I believe if you provide a professional level service and do lots of research about our competitors you will get sales a lot sooner than think. Still my gig or the process might not be streamlined to perfection, how ever I am trying my personal best to provide the best possible service to my clients and trying everyday to sharpen up my skills even further! So guys don’t believe in shortcuts! Do your best and bring value to the community! Hopefully you will be able to get your first sale a lot sooner than you think!

I know I still have a long way to go! Any ways thanks so much for helping me to learn the basics. Without you guys on this amazing forum this would be impossible!

Here is the link to the gig:




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Congratulations images%20(9)

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Its awesome amazing. You are lucky really. Keep it up. Well wishings for you. :blush:

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Its awesome. You are lucky really. Happy freelancing.

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