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I got my first low star rating

Today, I got my first low star rating that is 3.7 stars. The buyer said in the review that the seller did not do in revisions what was completely asked but I gave him all the revisions he wanted.
How should I respond to the buyer in the reviews?
I have responded to the review. Can somebody tell me was it professional enough?


Can you post your response here? I can’t see it on your profile yet.

congratulation.actually you need 4.5 for professional work.3.7 i snot enough for you

Why would you congratulate that? Did you even read?


Okay, I will post it here

Sounds good to me, but it also sounds like you maybe misunderstood the revision requests the buyer made. I think this is a good opportunity to look back over the order chat and see if there was some kind of misunderstanding that you could learn from in the future. I wouldn’t contact the buyer again, though.

Thanks but I already contacted the buyer with the same message I wrote in review response that please let me know if you ant anymore revisons. I just wanted to satisfy the buyer eventhough he has used all the revisions I gave him

Hmm…, Better to write something like this:

  • Thanks for sharing your feedback. We’re sorry your experience didn’t match your expectations. We would love to make things right if you give us another chance.*
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Thanks. I will try it next time.