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I got my first order 16 days before, still no orders ?🤔

I got my first order 16 days before still no orders. I promte my gigs everyday in facebook,twitter,blogspot,g+,linkedin.
But impressions are getting low every day. Can someone give me some tips.:neutral_face::kissing_heart:
these are my gigs…

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Exposing the usernames of buyers and sellers publicly on the forum is not permitted. I suggest that you edit the screenie to blur the usernames. Click on the :pencil2: to do so.

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@nikavoice are you the suprimecourt??? why??? he is trying to help me…

i didn’t t see any buyer requests only few a day

Save your jokes for Judge Judy!


Users must abide by the Community Guidelines and rules. If you have a problem with this guideline contact a forum Moderator or CS. You/the other user are not exempt from following the SAME rules.



thank you very much nikavoice



No problem, I know you were only trying to help. :slightly_smiling_face: