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I got my first order and 5-star review!

Hello, I’m Rebecca.

I created my gig this month and finally got my first order and 5-star review 2 days ago. I was excited then, but now what? Do I wait for another 2/3 weeks before getting another order? Or are they tips I can use to better position myself among my buyers?

Please help.


Here you go!


Wow Fine . Best of luck!

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Hello Rebecca.
I’ve been in this same position in the past, try going to the BR page (Buyer request page) .
Instead of waiting for a new buyer, try finding a buyer.

You can also share your gig page on social media or friends which can spread the word around, you need every bit of help you can get to increase your chances of gaining more attention.

Take a look at your Gig statistics, check the impressions and clicks drop down menu.
If they aren’t looking to well its properly your gig description, title or pricing,
Try changing them which might attract more buyers.


Hiii. I can’t seem to create a buyer request page. When I click on it, what I get shown are my statistics. On another note, I have some work out of Fiver, mostly on Instagram.

Yes, my Gig statistics had 7 impressions for weeks. After tweaking it a bit, it had 14 impressions. Just last night, I did a few more tweaking and it increased to 38 impressions over night! I would continue to monitor my impressions. :innocent:

Congratulation keep it up !!

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wow, congrats. go ahead. wish you good luck.

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-Seller Perspective BR page
1.Be sure your logged in as a seller.
2.Click more.
3.Click Buyer Requests.
4.Search for your Gig title, description or requests that you offer here.
5.This is the General Buyer Request page which is linked to your Profile “Selected Skills”

-Buyer Perspective BR page
1.Be sure your logged in as a buyer.
2.Post a request on fiverr. ( This opens a new page you need to fil out )

Thank you. :innocent:

@imagination7413 Thank you :innocent:

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Oh wow, so detailed. Thank you so much. :heart_eyes:

Edit: I just it and only saw one looking for a Thai transcriptionist in my niche. But I’ll be sure to keep looking. :innocent:

Thank you :purple_heart: :purple_heart:

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Congrats. Keep moving. :clap:

Congrats! Keep it up.

Congratulation keep good work :smiley:

Congratulation! Keep good work :wink: