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I got my first order delivered and a five star review


I am really glad I came here earlier to talk about my fiverr experience. It was just me trying to communicate and seek advice on how to improve my gig so my skills would be more marketable. I got lots of suggestions and ideas from the forum and applied same in my gigs. Everything turned out just great and I got an order. After delivery, the review came out and the golden stars, five of them, were out there for me to see. I was thrilled.

This is an appreciation to those who took out time to read and also comment on the last post. Your ideas helped me out a lot and I must say, there is an improvement. Special thanks to uk1000 and esther87. You guys are the best.

I look forward to more orders and more positive reviews.



Congrats my brother, all the best


Thanks boss for the identification.


Congratulations :slight_smile: may you have more glowing stars in your near future.


Thanks… I am optimistic about that. More stars to everyone.


Congrats! I hope you will get soon more orders :slight_smile:


Congrats and Best of luck for the future :slight_smile:


Congratulations and good luck in the future!


Thanks Brother for first order complete