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I got my First Order in 3 days and Completed

Hello Fiverrers!
I am exciting to share something amazing with you the Guys! I just Completed my first order.
It is a Great experience! It’s three days passed, i created my account.
I heard that, many fiverr sellers don’t get any sell even after 2/3 months or more. It’s my luck maybe! Or I am doing good marketing!
I get order in this Service: I will design catchy custom youtube thumbnail and do thumbnail SEO for ranking. Check out if you have time to see my work!!

Thanks in advance


Congratulations on your success! Getting an order in three days is very good! :slight_smile:


Complete guide for “begainers” in your gig image should read “beginners”.

Suggest you fix this typo as soon as possible as attention to detail is very important and mistakes will put buyers off.

Congratulations on getting your first order! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello! Thanks for your suggestion. But I inform that, If I Edit Gig, It’s lost the rank. Is it true?
If yes! Then what I need to do for now! If no. Then Tell me. i must update! Thanks in advance!

If you want to get more orders you must fix the typo.

Who wants to buy a gig with an image that might have a glaring typo somewhere in it.

If buyers see that you make typos they will just move on to someone else!

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Thank you for your well wishing! Hope, we will make something awesome!

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Again thanks to your for your great help! It’s your kindness that you spent time to visit my profile. I updated the mistake.


Congrats friend…keep going…

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Thank you Dear! Appreciate!