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I got my first order! When can i expect another?

I got my first order! It is completed and I received a 5 star review, when should i expect another?

I am happy for you. How many days or weeks or months it took you to get your first order?

It took like 6/7 montha for me :smile:

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Congratulations on your first order! Depends if you are marketing your gigs or waiting for more orders to come, it can be days or weeks, but there is no way to calculate that.

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Just asking because i have not make first order. Thanks

Lol funny you:grin::smile:

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2 months, patience is key!

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well you tbh i had three orders all together at first time and only could deliver two ,
after that young dumb and broke for week

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best of luck for the next one

It could be tomorrow or just in one year, bu the hardest you promote your profile and gigs, sooner are the chances.

There is no specific time to get another order