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I got my first Order within 8 days

Hello! Guys… i got my first order within 8days… and now i am working on 3rd order😊 when you got your first order? Share your experience…


Wow lucky you…I’ m still waiting for my second order …

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@shakila315 you will get soon keep working… good luck👍

It’s a great news. Congratulation brother. Keep the good work and step ahead.

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Congrats on the orders. Hope orders keeps flooding to you :smiley:

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@deeboss99 thank you so much…:blush:

@sandipank thanks a lot for your warm appreciation…

Congratulations! Good luck.

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@shakeelsiddiq80 thank you :blush:

Congratulations! Thats awesome.

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congrats. Wish you a good luck!

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Congratulation bro! Have a good start. I’m a newbie and I’m waiting for my 1st Oder. How can I Rank My Gig 1st page?

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Thank you @rahman_farzana

@viktor_penev thank you so much

@instagram_rocks thank you… for gigs ranking follow important points
• use proper tags to your title, description
• be competitive to your related gigs
• Do proper on-page SEO of your gig
• make trustworthy client
• increase your conversion rate
• have a good average selling rate
• stay online id possible 24/7
• promote your gigs on social media
• create multiple gigs in the same category
• complete regular orders
• make sure communication is the key…

Enjoy! And good luck.

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