I got My First order


I am very excited,first time order in fiverr.
Thanks God.:grinning:


go ahead and get more tips from me.


thanks bro…
I suggest to you.
You can improve your gig like keyword and sharing to social media.
I hope,you will be success.


Your first sale is always very exciting. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:


Congratz!! Keep it up!!


congrats, its all good to hear


me too, waiting for my firs gig


I made my first Sale in May this year. Now I have made 4 sales altogether. Cheers to you! First Sale is always exciting. Wish you good luck ahead.


I made my first sale in last February and still completed 3 orders. First order always brings you better experience.


thanks bro…


Congratulation Mr srbabu1048575, Best of Luck !


Congratulation @srbabu1048575 .Keep it up !


Congratulations and let’s have a party tonight @srbabu1048575, Haha:wink::wink:


Brothers i have joined in june 2017 . But didnt get any order relating to my gigs . Please see my profiles and gigs and tell what is the problems


Your packages are a bit confusing.
5 dollars for 20 emails
15 for 30 emails
25 for 50 emails

As a buyer I would order the basic package three times and get 60 emails instead of 30.


Whose pakages?? Can you tell me brother?