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I got my first review, its not good by fiverr standards, Will i be able to get more orders?

I got my first review, it was 4.3 stars which is below 90%. I’m so grateful it was a big order for someone who just started. I really feel like I’m capable of doing freelancing on Fiverr and I did well on the order, really gave it my all! Will I be able to continue with the rating they gave me? will i get orders still? Has anyone experienced this? I’m really confused!


i am also facing the same problem my rating is below 90% and i am also not able to place offer on any buyers request the question is how i suppose to increase my ratings if fiverr is not letting me place any offers on buyers request?

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This may be helpful to you:


Reviews of 3* and above are considered good by fiverr’s standards. That’s how positive vs. negative reviews are filtered on your page. 4.3 is definitely not a death sentence for the profile.


Thank you! That gives me a lot of hope!

Thank you so much! That is so helpful, I’ll surely try it!

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You’re upset with a 4.3-Star review?

Here’s a reality check for you:

The Buyer is NOT obligated to give you a review.

So, it could have been ZERO.

Instead, you got a 4.3.

Be happy.

It won’t have much impact on your overall rating after a few more sales.

Yes. 4.3 is decent. Don’t worry.

And she should be. 4.3 to new seller is not the same thing as 4.3 to Level 1 or 2.

4.3 means she cant use BR. And that is a huge stepping stone for new sellers.
So yes, this is very important.

No, this is not a happy concept. It will take luck to get 3 more orders and get 5.0 to recover from this so she can use BR again.


As I stated, and you DID NOT QUOTE…

The Buyer is NOT obligated to leave a review.

So, instead of a ZERO, the Seller got a 4.3.

I don’t care how you do the math, 4.3 is ALWAYS greater than ZERO.

But thanks for your input.

No zero keeps her account clear and she can use BR normally and all her stats remain at 100%.

4.3 is like me selling you a car with 3 tires. Is 3 greater than zero? Yes.

Can you drive with 3 - NOPE.

She is the new seller. Sellers with 2-4 reviews under 4,5 within 50 orders are practically finished on Fiverr.
This is a “secret” shared by PRO sellers that they got from their sales managers.

Overall 4.8 - 4.9 is ideal for Fiverr. 5.0 is not recommended either but OK.

4.5 and bellow accounts are dead in water.


My opinion is my opinion.

A 4.3 is still not the end of the world.

I can’t believe how many newbies to Fiverr have been brainwashed into believing that in order to succeed as a freelancer you need just perfect 5-Star reviews.

Here’s the real secret to success as a freelancer:


It is not brainwashing if it is in the rules that prevent you from working.

This has nothing to do with success as a freelancer, we are talking about a freelancer advertising site called Fiverr that gives new sellers 10 offers daily to pitch to new buyers but only if their stats are above 90%.

No, not 5.0 but anything from 4,8-5,0

Yes, if you have your own site and you are capable of getting clients without being penalized by grades from previous clients.