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I got my first views and clicks today

So I went to bed last night with no views, no clicks and no impressions! But then I woke up to this:

I was completely over the moon, I mean I have no orders but at least I am getting some form of views on one of my gigs.

One question I do have though, is what are impressions?

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Have a look at this to understand more about what they are-


If your gig come to search result this is impressions.

Hi!! Good luck for the future. Your gust must be attractive if you want t get more impressions.

Hey, so I have been on fiverr for like two days and whenever I go to sleep and wake up in the morning I get views and impressions. But this never happens in the day! Anyone know why?


Hi - your gigs obviously appeal to people active while you’re asleep! It’s probably just time difference.

Most of my orders come from the US west coast - 8 hours behind us here in the UK.

see im in the UK as well

Hmmm … may just be one of those Fiverr update things. I note buyer requests tend to update in bulk around 2.30 am (Night owl here).

What I can understand from the stats shown for your gigs is that it seems like most of the views and clicks that you are getting are coming from external sources other than from the Fiverr website itself (for example – from forum members, or from social media). I am basing this assumption based on the fact that one of your gigs has no impressions… and yet, it has clicks and views.

Now, coming to your question… I’ve personally noticed that the statistics (number of impressions, clicks, and views) only refresh once a day. I have even narrowed down the window when this refresh happens to between 3 am and 5 am (CEST time, Germany). Since you are in the UK, maybe the refresh happens 1 hour earlier (your time). That’s probably the reason why you see the stats go up after you wake up in the morning.