I got my first warning from fiverr! This is why :S


Hi all,

This is not a fancy thing to post but I thought it might be helpful for others to avoid what I have done.

To keep it short, I have finished an order with a client and he gave me 3.7 stars rating. When he came back again he said that he liked my work and wanted more. Then I told him:
If you like my work why you gave me that rating? That will affect my rating and I always get 5 stars except that one. He felt guilty and asked me to send a request so that he can change the review but I did not. Anyway, the second order did not go well and we ended up with the Customer Support. After they checked our messages, they gave me a warning because I told the buyer that his rating will affect me. When I asked them what was all that about they said:

That what happened, so don’t talk with buyers about the rating :unamused:

My seller can not take my honest feedback and give me 1 star and comment to me as "illiterate buyer"

That was nice of you to come here and warn us. Thank you and sorry that happened to you but it’s not that bad of a rating.


The new level system makes the sellers worried, and each rating counts! Especially, when you sell on order each week with worth of, say $500. That is only four orders a month, if you get one low review you will be sent to lower level on the next evaluation.

I mean it does not make sense, I think they should take a price into account. I can simply offer a $5 gig and work on it for days just to fix my rating :confused:

Anyway, thanks for your reply :slight_smile: I was just thinking out loud.


I’m pretty sure that’s the entire point of the new Levels system. Each rating counts, as it should (technicalities, opinions, and debate aside) :wink:


Yes, I’m sure they have thought about this many times before taking the decision :slight_smile:


I’m sure they have. And I’m sure they have plenty of statistics that support their decision. :wink:


So why did he give you 3.7? Where you late? Uncommunicative?

Account warnings happen to all of us, Fiverr has too many rules. Just learn form the experience and don’t make the same mistake again.

P.S. Your mistake wasn’t asking the buyer why he gave you a low rating. You can always ask, how else will you learn?

P.S.2 Nobody gets 5 stars forever.


Is this a reason to lose a level come January 15?


I Never let a warning happen,


He changed the script twice and I charged him twice, I think that is why he gave me 3.7.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:


If you get two warnings you will lose a level automatically despite the evaluation thing.
If you have one warning within 60 days that means you can not be upgraded to top rated seller when the evaluation happen.


You never know :slight_smile:
I did not ask for a warning you know :stuck_out_tongue:


No one ask for it,

But always keep something in mind, If you go to customer support, there is 20% chance that your messages will be read an you will not have an idea what you did wrong.

you may have all the papers and driving licence but does not mean you gonna honk at the cop car.
They will definitely stop to check your papers and at-least waste your time.


You can ask the buyer why they gave you a low rating. You can’t tell them that their review will affect your overall rating and make them feel guilty about it. That’s understandable; there are buyers complaining that they felt pressured into giving 5 stars because of the seller’s sob story (their business will be ruined if they don’t get 5 stars, their little kids will be hungry, their families will end up on the street…), even though the quality they received was poor.


Yes, I missed that one :frowning:


I totally agree with this :slight_smile:
It was my fault, but it was not mention in the TOS and I did not think about it this way.
Anyway, I hope others will know now :smiley:


Thankyou for information…You did not send the resolution to change the rating of first order and moreover you go with one more order with the same buyer who gave you less rating without any valid reason?

when i get less rating i ask the buyer the reason behind it so that i can improve more…if it is for no valid reason then why not change the rating?

You said it too rudely that your rating is BAD…may be that is why you got the warning…Always talk to the buyer nicely.


Thanks for your polite comment :slight_smile:


How about the money, do you talk with buyers about the money ? :neutral_face:


What do you mean by that?
Give an example maybe? Just to make sure that you are not asking for payments outside fiverr.