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I Got My First Warnning For Something I Didn't Do!

This is 100% NOT True. I’ve legitimately made videos of me delivering my work every time.

How do I even deal with this?



I’m sorry this happened to you. It is all the more frustrating when you receive a warning for something you possibly didn’t do.

Well, this is good news. I think you should contact CS and find out the order # for which you received this warning. Tell them that you have video proof showing that you have made complete deliveries.

You can then send them this video proof and ask them to withdraw this BS warning you just received.


Well, it looks like the delivery bug might be back. Or a client just lied and said you didn’t deliver everything.

I’d say deal with it by packing your bags. I know that sounds a bit defeatist, but that’s my plan for when I get my first warning.

Naturally, try your luck with CS. R2D2 might be off saving a interstellar princess and you might get a real human response. If not, you will just have to live with your new warning.

Good luck!

Edit: Just out of curiosity, you haven’t had strange buyers ordering articles but requesting revisions to get just 3 lines of text or anything have you? I have cancelled a few of these as it seemed buyers were trying to use some ruse to get work FOC by claiming I hadn’t delivered my service as advertised/what they requested.

At least now I know that my paranoia is always justified.

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No, I checked all my deliveries and everything has been delivered properly.

Already on it. I really hope I get someone good.

But I will need to know what order caused this issue. I haven’t had any issues with the deliveries in the last 30 days.

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This is worrying… :frowning:


I really hope this isn’t caused by one of those bugged delivereies many of us were having a few months back. This is way too much stress.


Yes, you will need to find that out from CS. Once you have this info., you can then send them the video proving that you had, in fact, made a complete delivery.

Nahh… It is not (imo). If anything, it has only made me more hopeful that he can get CS to withdraw this BS warning.

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Depending on how old the order is I might not have it. I delete them after a week.

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I actually do have a buyer that’s sending cancellation request one after the other without giving any reason…


I am sorry for your unfair warning.
I hope you have enough proof to convince CS that this is wrong warning.
From what I read, your account was flagged, that means one of your buyers reported your delivery or it is possibly a bug.
Good luck with the ticket. I hope CS will look into this and clear your case.

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Tut tut. Don’t you know you should video all deliveries and video yourself videoing deliveries, before videoing yourself storing videos indefinitely?

This might be your problem. If I was you, I’d go on vacation mode until CS gets back to you. Otherwise, you might end up with more warnings and working for money you’ll never see after they ban you.


Clearly a lesson has been learned.

I don’t think that’s going to help. All I can do right now is wait and see. I’ll probably accept the cancellation request from the buyer if he sends it again.

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@ssj1236, I’m very sorry to hear this. :frowning_face:

You have posted many times about speaking with CS and sending them videos about uploading and delivering your orders because of the delivery bug.

I don’t know if it would help, but maybe, you should talk with CS reminding them about that and attaching those videos again just for them to refresh their minds. Try to be as calm and polite as possible.


That’s what I’m planning on doing but I’ll need to know what order caused this warning first. The next few hours are going to be unreasonably tense, to say the least.


Just try your best being calm. Stressing out won’t help and it’s a fast way of getting sick.


Maybe also share links to the relevant forum thread/s about that delivery bug, so, in case it’s a support agent who hasn’t heard of it before, they can see that there is/was a delivery bug that’s affected other people too and not something you made up. Hope you’ll find out what exactly caused it and it will turn out okay some way or other.


Thanks but again I’ll need to know what order caused this. Hopefully, support will at least share the cause.

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I noticed recently that when a buyer requests a revision, there are options as to why they are requesting a revision. One of the options is about the seller not delivering what was agreed, one about being incomplete and one about being empty.
I remember thinking "I hope they don’t issue autowarnings because of a buyer’s answer to these.


I’m betting it’s the client you have who is trying to get a refund.

I got a TOS warning when I had a deranged client from 3 years ago trying to get a refund. All I did was tell her we are limited in how many refunds we can give.

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Oh boy, this is sounding rougher by the moment.

I’m starting to think I’m in a similar situation. Any advice on how I should handle it? Did Fiverr support let you know which order caused the warning?

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