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I got my gig denied, but there are still 3 orders


Well I got my gig denied on fiverr, but I still have 3 orders from that gig.

So my question is, If I deliver my work , even if my gig is denied , AM I ABLE TO GET MONEY ???

Any suggestion would be appriciated.

Okay, It was about addmefast ( Yes i know you may say, “oh again that addmefast gig seller…”)

But hey, I had one order completed and I got my money before they took to review my gig.

Then, after that I’ve got my gig denied and there are still 3 active orders.

I am wondering cuz of my first completed order, maybe I could get those 3 completed too…

Reply to @madmoo: Thank you very much!

I guess I will try to deliver one order tomorrow and to see will I get paid for that.

However, if I don’t get money, I will go on, nevermind…

Try to contact your customer support again and ask to ESCALATE your support ticket and ask for their super visor, worked for me at one time.

ya you will get your money :slight_smile:

same case with me… Inform me about your result. either they pay you or not…

This thread is from 2014, and the person who started it is no longer on Fiverr.