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I Got My Level 2 Badge

Hello Everyone, :grinning:I have a Story.First of all Let me introduce a little about my self. I am Prezichef from Sri Lanka. I am senior digital artist and branding designer. last 15th , I got my level 2 badge. Actually I am really happy and I think this is a big, giant, huge turning point in my freelancing life.:heart_eyes:

I always tried to satisfy my customers. I tried to do my best for them. as designers, we have a responsibility to treat our customers perfectly. Don’t Think hardly about money. Do your job perfectly and get back valuable feedback from your client. that’s the most important thing what we could get from them.
If some one need to hire me for a professional Text Logo design Work, I am always for you.Professional Text Logo Design

Congrats on reaching this milestone on your Fiverr journey! :slight_smile:

This applies to everyone, not just designers. :rofl: You should treat all your customers well – regardless of what you are selling. :smiley:

Yes You are Correct. But This is Fiverr Forum and I am a Designer, So I mentioned That in my side. Don’t Mix it buddy.