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I got my second order Thank you all ! 😊


I got my second order Thank you all !!!
Special thank for,




That’s wonderful, @virajithlankesh! Keep at it and you’ll get many more :slight_smile:


congrats,can you kindly assist me get an order,i’m happy you are doing great, is my pricing the problem?kindly assist.


@patweb i’m not a specialist in fiverr. however, i think if you add more attractive images (colorfull, eye caching) it would perfect. respond to buyer requests
(but the things that you can do). then they will reply you. do that better.


send buyer request it is the perfect way to get first couple of orders


Bro plz chek out my gigs. I did not get any order from two years. I make many fivver accacunts and gigs and then delete them and then remake… :persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere:


@zahid444 use buyer requests
use this link:


congrats!!! virajith lankesh
keep going on… and if you have any tips related to how attract your clients then pls share it with us…
and I hope you’ll get many more…best of luck friend.!!


@munafqadri thank you !!!




bro there is no gigs to show


congratulate… keep it.:heart:


What type of services your are offering in your GIG?


graphic design . logos banners background remove pdf edit etc


Welcome, best of luck bro




Follow these simple steps and I guarantee, you will have order within one week.

Step 1 Mostly you have to focus on TAGS according to your niche.

Step 2 Try to have at least 10-12 GIGS with different TAGS. , For example, ( for LOGO making, make at least 3 gigs with different title & tags)

=> I will create a beautiful logo for you
=> I will design a logo and create a beautiful identity for your brand
=> I will design a professional logo for you

Step 3 For finding best TAGS, check the TAGS of GIGs present on the first page. Use that tags in heading, description and in package pricing area.

Step 4 After applying 3 steps check “Buyers Request” after every one hour (or half hour will be the best).

I hope you will get an order soon. Thank you.


Great tip bro I’ll do it


WOW, you must feel very awesome. Looking forward to feel that too :slight_smile:


That is great, congratulations to you! :+1::+1::+1::+1: