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I got my third order 2 days ago :)

I can’t believe that I got even one order… I hope I get more eventually.
I honestly didn’t think that people would want me to correct their blog posts and grammar.
I even have someone who wants me to be their editor :open_mouth: Feel free to check it out :wink:
I think I should create a video for my gigs :confused:

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Well done @strangelykeen… Hope you got more and more orders…:tada::tada::tada:

Thank you! I really appreciate it!

:open_mouth: Congratulation Brother

Congratulations!!! Hope more will come for you😊

Congratulations dear

Great, looks like you are an attractive writer, clients love you. Happy freelancing

Wow! I equally just got my first order the with a 3 days timeframe but out of excitement i had to finish and submit it on the second day… Congrats to us.
Top Seller journey begins with a bold step.

Thanks! Wish you the best of luck!

Thanks man, really appreciate it!