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I got offended by a client- *********: "[ Text Removed ] "



I got offended by a client whos order i cancelled but due to a fiverr website error that they not take responsibility for, he also was able to leave a 1 star review saying that i am impolite, right after he private conversation messaged me these words:

" [ Text Removed ] "

at 15:24 on January 24, 2018

So i am here on the forum to see if i can get help from fiverr more than from the zendesk operators that have no idea how fiverr works and they also do not read everything you tell them in the support tickets so the fiverr zendesk support is useless in my opinion.

Looking forward to your opinions,


You need to remove the username as naming and shaming buyers and sellers is against the forum rules.


Ok so thanks for correcting me instead of sharing an opinion to the bad situation fiverr and that client got me into.


I’m sorry that happened to you. Unfortunately, none of us here can help in any way. This form is used and moderated by Fiverr users.


Take a screen shot of that message and send it to CS.
There is a chance you can get that negative review removed.


Thank you for your reply!


That is what i did, and keep in mind that the order is cancelled so the fact that the client could leave a review is a website error/bug/malfunction that needs to be fixed; but support did nothing because they do not care and they do not even read the messages or look at the files you attach, that is why i said fiverr support is useless being as real as possible, not trying to mock them, that is the real sad truth that fiverr support is a joke and i received no help in correcting this error that was possible due to a fiverr website error.


@lloydsolutions was just trying to help. What happened to you is bad, getting in trouble for violating the forum rules would only make everything worse.


It must have been cancelled after he left the review?


Yea, that’s what I also would like to know. Have you canceled that order before you completed it? If you completed it and then cancel, then he can leave a review and it’s not a bug. :wink:


No, the order was in the process of a modification request and i cancelled it. On my order page it says cancelled and no review panel appears like the normal review where you have a chance to respond to the client, so this is a website error just like few days before when a client completed the order and left the review but it was not showing up on my side, and the client, a great and smart person immediately screenshot his order page that was showing completed and a 5 star review and on my side not even completed, so he contacted support and after 1 day the order got completed and review showed up on my side, so that error was fixed but now this error shall not be fixed because the client who offended me will obviously not contact support to remove his 1 star review.


No, i cancelled and the order displays as cancelled on my order page with no review panel available like i just mentioned in my long post reply to misscrystal.


And yes the order was cancelled without being completed first, so as i mentioned this is a website error that support people do not care to fix, and it would mean nothing as i have 447 5 stars rating overall and just 2 or 3 low ratings but this error just made drop down account statistics for the past week and now i will be demoted from level 2 to level 1 in 2 weeks if no new positive reviews and if fiverr does not remove that unrealistic feedback from my profile so that is why i am upset and am trying to get help on this matter. Also since the past 5 days that 1 star review saying that am i impolite is on my account, no new orders or client interests in my gig so it clearly affects my perfomance and guess what, fiverr does not care.


@eoinfinnegan thank you for removing the proof of the client offensive language, now can i have your opinion or help on the matter?


No, I have already spent enough time dealing with all the forum rules you broke in the last hour. Multiple threads on the same topic, bad language, naming another user…
You have used up your monthly allowance of Mod time.

Edit: Apologies - I mixed you up with some one else - you didnt do multiple topics so I do have some time to answer your query:
I suggest you move on.


Just like zendesk support, this forum is a joke…thanks anyway for nothing!


@mjensen415 Hello there fiverr admin, i need help regarding this matter of a fiverr website error that made possible a review to be left altough the order was not completed, that support people do not want to fix altough is a fiverr website bug what happened to me so i want justice to be done; not to mention the client offensive language and behaviour.


We’re just sellers and buyers, not Fiverr employees. I’m not sure what you expected any of us to do.


I just thought i will find a real human being that works at fiverr to help me and fix their own fiverr website error mistake, not the support bots that do not even read what you write for them.


Everyone who answered you is a real human being and not a bot. We don’t work for Fiverr, though, and we can’t fix Fiverr bugs or remove reviews.