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I got offended by a client- *********: "[ Text Removed ] "


Yes i know that, i was reffering to a human being that works at fiverr and can actually repair the error they caused. Thank you for taking the time to read my issue, i appreciate it!


Hello, we can’t help with this. We are sellers like you.

My guess is that since this has never happened before to anyone as far as I know, support thought you are mistaken about it and the review was left before it was cancelled. On the other hand since you said there was a screenshot taken of the completion of the order but on your end it was not showing as completed, it was a bug.

You only have a very short time period to respond to a review before the window goes away.



That discussion about the screenshot was about another order in which the client completed the order and left the review but on my end the order was not completed so read the topic better; i have completed almost 1000 orders on fiverr the past 3 years so i am well aware of the mechanics and any upcoming changes to date regarding the selling process so i am not crazy or stupid like you might think, i am here because i am right and i need justice to be made.


I understand but that’s not going to happen on the forum. We don’t have any more power than you do.

Rant all you want, that’s what this category is for.