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I got Order but


Hi, Dears.
Yesterday I got new order 20 hours ago but still, now I didn’t get any requirements what can I do my delivery time is 24 hour but I can see order countdown not started.

I also sanded message to buyer but I didn’t get any reply from buyer how can I handle this please if someone knows help me out this!



Don’t worry. If the buyer not start the countdown or Fill up the buyer requirement yet, It’s not your problem and will not hamper your delivery. When he/she will start the job then from the time will start. So, keep clam and wait. May be the buyer takes time to prepare his/her images.


But Buyer didn’t reply me any message.


Don’t worry. It’s not your headache. Just wait for buyer’s response. It doesn’t hamper your order or profile. I mentioned already a point. Cool.


Don’t give up. Some buyers take some time to complete requirements. So send him a remainder! :blush:


Don;t worry the time doesn’t starts until the buyer fill his/her requirements… You just have to click one the green button there “Send a Remainder” and that’s it :slight_smile: If he doesn’t fill the requirement fiiver Customer Support automatically cancel the order in 2 or 3 days… wait for it one day. . wait if the buyer fills the requirement.


after cancellation, my profile will be affected or not?


@debashis_me yeah it will be affected but not as much, like when the order is late and buyer cancels… If you want to not be affected by this cancellation contact Customer Support they will fix the issue.

But I suggest you to wait for one day maybe the buyer fill the requirements. :slight_smile:


Thank you Mr: Parachahmer I will wait if buyer not submitted there requirements I will contact CS thank you.


no problem my friend :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Don’t worry about such orders because some clients forget to provide instructions after placing their orders. You can Nudge them from time to time. I don’t think it’s a good idea to cancel such orders because it may have a negative impact on your ratings. These orders will remain in your Inactive orders list. That’s it. I had more than 84 such orders in my listings at the beginning of this year and I asked Fiverr CS to cancel them all. They did, but my order completion rate dropped down to 85%. So, I strongly recommend you not to cancel such orders especially if you are a new seller.


LOL. Click on that green button which is showing SEND A REMINDER, that will send message to sender to fill in each information about his order to give you to get started :joy: :rofl:


I had this experience once with my regular client. I asked the client in chatboard and he said he sent the requirements as usual, the order might be hold by fiverr for some checking or traffic. That time I waited for about 5-6 hours while I was sleeping lol.
The counter will start when everything is ready, either the client haven’t finalised their requirements or Fiverr hold for some reasons. Seller at this point just wait I guess nothing to lose.