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I Got order When it is Complete then Fiverr Customer Services Cancel it

I got an order of 105$ , Then i complete the order then Buyer give me 5 star review then it was Cancel by Fiverr Customer Support Then i contact Fiverr Customer Support My Message

Dear Fiverr please check my order ****** . This order was completed 100% and then he/she give me 5 star reviews after that he/she cancel my order without any reason . I dont know why fiverr support look the situation i feel so bad . I have spent about 6 days and he/she was so happy from my work after one day she/he cancel it without any reason. Now i cant contact her/him . Please look the situation i need justice from Fiverr support . I work 6 days now he/she has my work and my money . please help me

Fiverr Customer Support Message

Then i contact them again then i got this message

After that i lost my level , My buyer is using my website which i have create , I lost my level i lost money and i was banned on this forum by guy of fiverr due to sharing my experience on fiverr

Fiverr Support and Fiverr Forum Hear what they want to Hear , No freedom of speech

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One of the CS said you marked the order as delivered without actually delivering the actual order but rather a dud in order to stop the timer. You stand accused of trying to work the system. How do you plead?


Then how it is possible that website which i have created in working , Buyer is using my designs till now

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I never said the website is not working. What I am saying is CS noticed that you delivered something fake in order to stop the timer, maybe you noticed you were running out of time and delivered one of those “will be ready in 5 hours” text.

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CS representative said “sometimes”, not in this case.

Marking the order as delivered without delivering the actual work is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and you could easily get permanently banned from Fiverr if you keep doing it.


I got an order and i work for 6 days , She was Happy with my work , When i deliver it , i got 5 star review and i handle each and everything to her then next day i got a message from CS that your order is cancel , But She is using my website (Which i have created)

I am not talking about the website you created for that customer.