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I got permanentely banned from fiverr and don't know what to think/ do

I am a little lost here. I posted earlier and i followed your advice and reached out to fiverr support. This is what happened.

I started my little Fiverr business about 2 weeks ago. I put a lot of effort and some money in it (ordered professional thumbnails, video for gigs etc.) and it was going well - i already collected a few 5* - reviews (i am actually trained for the service i offered). Since i was planning to eventually get a steady income with fiverr i feel a bit stupid now.

Fist of all: I know that i am the one to blame here.

So what i offered is proofreading for a specific language (not english). I have a lot of experience and so far i mostly corrected academic texts (thesis etc.). This is why i created a gig saying i’d do exactly that. Beforehand i checked out the competition and found some big players on fiverr like the “thesis doctor”.

Now, 2 weeks in, my account gets permanentely banned. Fiverr says it’s not allowed to offer any kind of service that has anything to do with academics. Okay. I was confused - everybody else was doing it, for a long time, successful, having thousends of ratings. But appearently it’s in the ToS so i didn’t even bother fiverr with the “other’s are doing it”. I didn’t read the ToS, my bad.

I wrote a detailed mail to the fiverr support. I explained everything to them and sincerely apologized. I was very polite. I told them that i’d never do anything unethical and that i wasn’t aware of the strict rules regarding grammar & spelling corrections of academic texts.

They replied a few times and actually asked the team which made the decision to ban me if they could reconsider. They didn’t.

Now i a) want to vent and b) want to ask for your opinion and c) want to ask for other options.

a) I did NOT mention this in my mail but please. How can it be not allowed to correct grammar and spelling mistakes in someone’s thesis? And how come that so many others have been doing it for years and i don’t even get away with a warning?

b) Support already turned me down. Do you think there is still any way that i could ever be a seller on fiverr again?

c) I know there are other freelancing websites like upwork but i am looking for something like fiverr where i can offer my service and people can come to me. I promote my gigs outside of fiverr and i still get orders. I get payed and all but i wish i had some kind of permanent online presence where people can give reviews.

Sorry for his, i hope i don’t seem like an arrogant person. Thanks for every support.


Fiverr reserves the right to put any account on hold or permanently disable accounts due to breach of these Terms of Service or due to any illegal or inappropriate use of the Site or services.

  • Violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service may get your account disabled permanently.
  • Users with disabled accounts will not be able to sell or buy on Fiverr.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


You said you requested appeal. Did you perhaps also request starting from scratch? Being willing to loose the stars might grant you leniency, but DON’T make a new account without CS permission. (Dual accounts are also against the TOS.)

I would assume you’d be under constant scrutiny, however, and not permitted any kind of writing-related gig. I could be wrong, though. CS is mysterious. If you’re willing to risk that kind of strain, it’s up to you.


I, too, am a proofreader who noticed that various gigs offer to proofread a thesis. I was confused as I thought it was against Fiverr’s TOS to proofread any academic work.

However, when I wrote to CS about proofreading a thesis, they answered that proofreading a thesis is fine, but it is not okay to proofread any other academic work.

I chose to play it safe and not proofread a thesis or academic work. To me, it was not worth it to take a chance on losing my account.


^^^ Smart… take no chances. Ignore what others do on their gigs also.

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Because they’re supposed to proofread their own work, and having someone else do it gives them unfair advantage?

They haven’t been caught yet, plus it was allowed in the past.

You could try asking if they’d allow you to start with a new account. Don’t start with a new account if you don’t get their permission, though.

There are other platforms where buyers come to sellers. We’re not allowed to mention them on the forum, but you can Google them.