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I got promoted to LEVEL 1 : TIPS for the new sellers

I wanted to thank everyone for their tips.

1.You should be very patient on fiverr. It’s not easy to be new on fiverr, because everyone who buy here is looking for somebody experienced, with a good review, but if you promote yourself and you guarantee a quality very good, you will have strong chances to catch the eye of the buyer.

2.Please, be very clearly in your description. Be careful to be understood by the buyers, make a corect and cool description. That counts very much! P.S.: Don’t copy from other buyers. It’s not okay. Be original! Find an original way to promote your gigs.

3.Be nice to your buyers. Treat them like they are very important, like they are the most important people from the world. Have an optimistic attitude. That will be very ok.

4.Be efficient. Deliver the orders in a short time. Before the limit term. The buyer would love this thing and he will come at you again.

5.Don’t mark every message as a spam. Other people, businesses send you a message if you want to collaborate with them. Don’t refuse them. Please, think a lot at this and then respond them.

I wish you all the luck and if you have questions, I am here. :smiley: Certainly, I’m very happy that I could manage to promote to LEVEL 1. I wish that a lot and I’m so glad it happened to me. You known. All the good things are coming. And today was the day for me.

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Thank you very much ralucamath.All the best.I also agree with your tips.

Ok, wonderful tips, i particularly love tips 3 and 4.

Helpful Tip.Thank you.

I’m not too sure about tip 5. I think the Conversations forum would be a good place to talk about collaboration with other community members and if something works out you can take it to messages. The inbox should be for buyer/seller discussion first. I don’t mind a PM from someone I’ve gotten to know on the forums, but unsolicited messages from those I don’t know affect my response rate and may not be something I am interested in.

Good points. I am fairly new, and I am really looking to ghostwrite for clients, but so far, no one has bought a gig. I have re-edited my gig several times, I have had over a hundred views, and still no buys. I am hoping my profile looks good to the clients out there, but like you said, it can be hard without reviews. I am open to any suggestions.