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I got promoted to Top Rated!

Just wanted to share that after about three years, I woke up yesterday morning in total surprise to an email telling me I’d gotten bumped up to the rank! It was totally unexpected and I’m not quite sure what prompted it, but if you’re hoping for it, keep fulfilling the requirements and doing a good job and who knows? Feels nice knowing someone had to think about the decision and it wasn’t just the automated system.

Also, does anyone know if you’re able to speak with people from Fiverr specifically about your gigs once you hit TRS? Or is that a separate program entirely?




Hard work pays off.

If you are referring to the success program, that’s completely separated from the TRS one.


Thank you! Got it, just wanted to check since I remember speaking to a success manager a long time ago, but I haven’t heard anything about any of that for quite some time.

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Congratulations James! I have no idea about success managers so I can’t answer that one. Fiverr does notice when sellers excel. And you are in an incredibly competitive field also so that’s even more impressive.


Congratulations :tada:
I hope I’ll get the chance to have this honor :pray:
later this year.



I visited your gig page and listened to your video. Wow! Your voice and face do not match. You sound older to me. :wink:


Steve I loved the samples of yours I heard. Really great.


Thanks so much for the kind words! Lots of people in my field, but maybe I got lucky with my timing starting in early 2016 haha. Hope your gigs keep doing well!

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Thank you! Yeah- I actually really need to update my video since it’s about five years old now. I’m just worried that doing so will mess with my results and analytics.

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congrats on you! Hard work definitely shows its fruits eventually.


I feel the same. Last time I tried to change anything it was responsible for my gigs dropping in the ranks.

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wow congratulations …

Oh wow, did it drop immediately after the changes? Was it a video that you edited or just the description/pricing? My video is so outdated and needs to be updated, but it’s a shame this is something to be worried about. Not sure what to do.

Yes immediately there was a drop. It did not really recover to it’s previous position ever. I changed the description slightly.

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Congratz James.
It’s a inspiring achievement.
We need to work harder too :slight_smile:

Samples? What samples :thinking:


I just started and looking forward to a long term business model.

Congratulations mate …you are really worthy of it.
and also keep me in your prayer as I will win that title.

Congratulations.Keep it up…

I hope so for you Steve. Keep up the good work :+1:t2:

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