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I got reported because I refused to do a gig from a pervert

So I was busy with college exams and hadn’t used fiverr for over a month until 2 days ago to link my new paypal account and today I get an email saying I got a warning that I had disclosed personal information. I did give my phone number to my client over 2 months ago because he wanted a live drawing and he wanted a sample through a video call. I told him I have never done a live sketch so I can’t do it. But he was very insistent and said he liked my art style. So i agreed to do a sample drawing. But the payment was coming through fiverr because I only activiated my paypal account yeasterday and I was going to do a direct bank transfer for gigs. I did the sample and the client was satisfied and said he’ll commission me through fiverr. But he never did and instead he started being a creepy pervert and I blocked his number. He started messaging me on fiverr again and blocked him agian. Two days later I get a warning for disclosing personal information.A few thing I wanna straighten out is that:

  1. I was not aware that giving my phone number so that I can do vedio call for the gig, which was necessary for the gig, was wrong. And I accept that there was a mistake on my part. But I never intended to do this gig outside fiverr.

  2. Since there is no option for a vedio call with the client on fiverr, what can I do instead?

  3. If the warning was because if this particular customer then I find it unfair because he reported me because I refused to accept a gig from a pervert.

  4. After I blocked him I made it clear on my profile that I won’t do live sketches, but since then another person is also sending me messages in fiverr asking me to draw him live while shirtless and in sexy poses even though I made it clear to him I will not do such gigs. And I have been bothered only by *********** ********. Please fiverr do something about this as they are misusing the report feature just because I’m not going along with their dirty needs.

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When it’s truly necessary for the order, the personal contact information must be exchanged on the order page. It’s in Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

Ask Customer Support for permission to create a gig for live sketches (or whatever it is you want to do), and ask them what to do about the personal contact information exchange. If I remember correctly, it must be stated in that specific gig that you will use (whichever method you will use), and that the contact information will be shared on the order page. Or something like that.

He might have reported you, but if you had not violated the rules, you wouldn’t have received a warning.

Block him and report him.


Also you should probably not mention your Instagram account info as that’s not one of the allowed URLs as far as I know. Having an option to accept/reject/cancel an order without penalty would help for things like this I think.


" Posts that have content or links that put individual regions or sellers from specific regions in a negative light may be pulled for review, edited or removed. Be careful if making any post that may make users uncomfortable due the mention of specific cities/states/provinces/countries/continents/regions or ethnic groups"

The above is from the: Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's

You need to remove the name of the country from your post above.

Also, as @uk1000 advised Instagram is not allowed,

Here is a list of approved portfolio links:

Scroll to the bottom.


It’s your job to do something about it by reporting them.


Also by keeping all contact on Fiverr it will help when reporting messages or users as CS will be able to see everything said, and there will be a report option next to every message. That’s one reason why it’s best not to use any off-site contact, even if off-site contact was allowed for the gig.

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There is no option for video calling on Fiverr because of perverts and scammers. What you do instead when you offer drawing and someone says they want to watch you draw for free via a video call, is tell them to take a hike.

You have not received a warning because you refused to work for a pervert. You have received a warning because you broke rules which you agreed you had read and understood when you signed up to Fiverr. Specifically, rules about outside contact.

No they are not. You should be using the report feature to block these people. If you do that in tandem with never again giving out your personal contact information, you will not receive any more warnings.


Don’t do video calls. There is no need to do that and they are going to be perverts.

Fiverr has rules that you need to follow for you own protection, such as not doing things outside of fiverr.
And never doing anything for someone unless they place an order first.