I got ripped off. Be warned


I’m a first time Fiverr user, so maybe I just made a mistake in trusting this community, but here’s my story.

I recently started working on a personal blog to post articles about programming. I wanted to get a quick logo done so I paid fragglesrock a total of $25 to make one for me. I gave this person some simple directions, that I wanted a lion type logo in black. He/she came back with two drafts and I picked one. We finalized the deal and I was delivered the source files.

I was quite happy with the work, until I read this article:

See, this person figured out that quite a large number of “designers” on Fiverr are just outright stealing work from real designers and selling it as their own.

Concerned about “my” logo, I dumped it into a reverse image search. Sure enough, I got a hit from a company called

I guess I was an idiot for trusting a stranger over the internet. Buyer beware.


You’re not an idiot for trusting a stranger over the internet.

You’re an idiot for paying only $5 for a logo and expecting it to be good and trustworthy.

Try actually finding a professional graphic designer next time and try actually paying a reasonable amount ($100+) and you’ll be amazed at all the original creative works you’ll receive.

philipcarter said: I wanted to get a quick logo done so I paid fragglesrock a total of $25 to make one for me

He didn't pay $5 he paid $25. Now whose the idiot?


There is a flooding of infringement in the design world web-wide, not just here. Here it’s not only in logos but business cards from stock websites too.

I used to design, and had my hard work “appropriated” by “designers” constantly.

BUT there are definitely legitimate designers on Fiverr (I can personally vouch for novaduck as a professional, but don’t think she’s offering logos.) the problem is finding them. I always recommend asking your Facebook first - because a friend of a friend who happens to be a designer is always waiting, one that will come with recommendations you can trust.


I use a lot of artwork in my regular job, making ad copy rough drafts. When I need an image I use It’s a shareware site where you can give and recieve images in the public domain. The users are able to list whether or not they will accept outside projects. It would be worth a try to check it out. I put up stuff all the time, to pay for what I receive.


Reply to @inkpetal: We provide real original Logo’s and artwork, all made from scratch, all original and high quality. I deliver these with a watermark and tell the customers that I will work on them until they are 100% happy. Sadly, 99% of buyers want to only pay 5$. The fake designers, who copy or use clip art have 30-40-80 orders in Q and I only made like 12 sales in 6 Month and only 6 really bought the full Logo, saying they want a 5$ deal.


Sorry guys but you can find more than decent looking web 2.0 logos here with just a fiverr. I have bought a few logos from logo_business , i waited almost over 22 days…i was not in a rush…

The logos were smashing, don’t know if i am allowed to post example urls here, but trust me, you can find 5 dollar beautifully built logos for small businesses and blogs!


Reply to @mimie01: It’s definitely not a designer-friendly atmosphere thanks to the large amount of chickens who’ve pasted long feathers on their bums telling everyone they’re a real deal peacock. There’s a huge difference between an designer and a “designer”, and unfortunate that people don’t realize it.

I wonder if it’s against the TOS to write “If you reverse Google image search logos you’ll receive from my competitors, you’ll likely discover the copyright infringement sets you up for liability. Don’t get sued. Get a mimie01.” hahaha


Same thing happened to me. I was able to find the image that was sent me immediately. I was hoping to start a long-term relationship with a seller here, but I will find another avenue. Yes, $5 (+$15 for other services) is not a lot, but I looked at it as a relationship building opportunity for the designers at scale. Fiverr needs better controls for this.


Reply to @steveeyes: sorry to hear thsi anyway u can order me for original artwork


I paid for a service 6 days ago, fiverr charged my credit card the same day, but my vendor says he has not received my order. What do i do? where do I go?


First you check under “Shopping” and see in your active order page whether you still have to fill in the “job requirements”. Without that, the order doesn’t actually go through. This is a common buyer error resulting in an order remaining in Limbo.

Second, if you didn’t get any notifications and cannot find an active order, contact Customer Support and ask them to look into it.


True but also you had the chance to choose, right? Why you didn’t search for that logo?

However you got that logo and you liked it.


Sad. I’m legit. I work hard for my portfolio. Come see me.


Well that’s the problem now days with graphic design field in general. I used to charge $300-400 for a logo, but now anyone can buy one on the internet, pre-made or clip art one. My designs are original from the scratch, but people are not willing to pay even half that amount. Very sad :frowning: Sorry for your experience, but I agree that that’s what happens when looking for logos at such low prices.


Reply to @kuliantxo: Basically these days the countries with the lowest living expenses set the price. Most offline businesses have also moved their production to countries where production costs are low. This began before the internet but the internet made the process faster.


There are a lot of legitimate designers here who offer smashing service for a fraction of the price you’d get outside. I for one do offer designing/drawing service, which I build from scratch and no cheating :slight_smile: take a look at their profile and feedback :slight_smile: usually those can tell the truth.