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I got scammed and now the seller is refusing to cancel the gig

Hi folks

(reuploading this with name covered)

Basically I paid for a Fifa Fut champions gig on this site. I have done it many times in the past and every seller has been amazing. I decided to give a new seller a try as his prices were very competitive. In order for the sellers to complete orders they need access to your personal fifa account. So I had 1.2 million coins on fifa and I told the seller not to buy any players as I was saving and he agreed not to.

I pay for the gig and he tells me he’s going on the account. I check on the fifa app after around 30 mins and all of my coins are gone. The seller has purchased players at max prices to boost his own coins. This is fraud and is the lowest of the low. I messaged the seller and no reply and requested him to cancel the gig and he refused. So now I’m down 1.2 million coins and I have a gig sitting that says “late” when he had no intention of ever playing on my account. What can I do to get my money back and more importantly are fiverr going to do anything about my coins? 1.2 million coins is probably £150 to £200 in real money.

Tldr: Scammed by a scumbag

I am sorry this happened to you. Unfortunately we are sellers and buyers here and cannot help you. Support is very busy since the pandemic began. I suggest you contact them at Please be aware they are taking up to 10 days to respond, but I was fortunate and they responded to me in 4 days.

When I contact support, I always include screen shots to help back up/show what I am saying. They have the power to look at all conversations, but it helps your side if you have screenshots.

In the meantime You can keep requesting to have the order cancelled until support gets back to you.


Thanks for your reply. I had never used the forum before so I was just trying to find a solution. I have contacted support 3 times so hopefully I should hear back soon.

I understand the pandemic has slowed things up but there should definitely be an option to report someone who is scamming people without having to leave a review.

Do not continuously contact support, it may actually delay them in replying back to you. Most likely they will close your older ticket when you open a new one for the same transaction.